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Welcome to the Pinedale General Store
An Old-Timey General Store... Online
Pinedale General Store
Pinedale, AZ 85934
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Pinedale General Store
An Old-Timey General Store... Online

We are a family-run business in Pinedale, Arizona. We serve  Pinedale, Show Low, Taylor, Snowflake, Pinetop-Lakeside and beyond. We sell everything from basic goods and necessities (hard to find stuff in Show Low), as well as Arizona & Southwest Gifts, novelty and boutique items, and products from Local Arizona vendors.

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1577 Xavier Road, Pinedale, AZ 85901
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Can’t find it at local stores? We can find it for you! We specialize in helping local residents find what they are looking for. Pinedale, Show Low, Taylor, Snowflake, Pinetop-Lakeside, Navajo and Apache Counties.

We'll Stock Our Shelves or Find it for You!

Part of the responsibility of your Pioneer-era, Old-Timey General Store was to supply homesteaders in the west with items they missed from “Back East” in the big cities or even from the “Old Country”. With so many new homesteaders in Rural Arizona, we continue the tradition. Let us know what you miss or are looking for and we will bring it to the area!

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