Fly Paper Rolls – Fly and Mosquito Trap Tape Ribbon – 2 Pack


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Stingmon Indoor / Outdoor Fly and Mosquito Trap Tape Ribbon – 2 Pack

Cheap, Effective Fly and Mosquito Tape.

  • Safe and no-odor: This fruit fly trap indoor is made of super thick glue and waterproof paper. No chemicals or poisons, no smoke, no chemical odor, no pollution.
  • Sticky fly strips: Spread out the size: 5*71cm, 20 rolls sticky fly traps for indoor & outdoor hang, large and cheap, long lasting. Gnat trap for kitchen, large and cheap, long lasting.
  • The fly ribbon: Hang the fly tape where there are many flies, the fly catcher will stick them and keep the flies, gnats, mosquitoes from escaping. The higher the temperature, the effect is better.
  • Use attention: Dual-sided sticky, please be careful when pulling to avoid breakage. The fly ribbon is sticky. Be careful it stick to your hand.

3 in stock

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