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Member's Mark 16 OZ Clear Plastic Cups - 132 Count for Sale Online Arizona - Pinedale General Store

Member’s Mark Clear Plastic Cups, 16 oz. (132 ct.)

Member’s Mark Clear Plastic Cups, 16 oz. (132 ct.)


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More About This Product:

Member’s Mark Clear Plastic Cups, 16 oz. (132 ct.)

From the Manufacturer:

  • Premium-quality, shatter-resistant plastic drinking cups
  • Use for parties, catering or at the office
  • Clear 16-0z. cups
  • rPET Cups made with 30% post-consumer recycled material

Keep these Member’s Mark™ Clear Plastic Cups on hand, so you can easily serve drinks to a crowd without having to wash lots of glassware. Plus, using plastic cups at parties means you won’t have to worry about guests accidentally breaking glasses.

These cups are constructed from durable plastic that’s also shatter-resistant. They’re transparent, so you easily can see when guests need refills. These plastic drinking cups come in a convenient pack of 132. The 16-ounce size is generous, and could hold a large soda, smoothie or iced tea.

No matter what the occasion, it’s handy to have these cups around. They’re terrific for family gatherings. neighborhood barbecues, picnics, birthday parties, receptions, tailgating and more.

Alternatively, these clear plastic cups can be used to organize office and craft supplies. Need somewhere to put excess pens and pencils or create easy to access craft supplies like pipe cleaners and paintbrushes for children? We’ve got you covered with a mess free option.

Want to minimize waste? Reuse shatter-resistant Member’s Mark Clear Plastic Cups throughout the day. Just write names or initials on the outside of the cups so that everyone can clearly see which cup is theirs. At the office, ask employees to reuse their cups throughout the workday to reduce waste and minimize restocking costs.

Where Can I Purchase Lids for These Cups?
Sam’s Club has the lids for these cups. The lids are versatile and may be used to cover 12, 16 and 20-oz cups.

What are the Dimensions of these Cups?
The opening is 3.88 inches and they are 4.74 inches tall.

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