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Member's Mark Ultra DessertSnack Paper Plates 330-count For Sale Online in Arizona - Pinedale General Store

Member’s Mark Ultra Dessert/Snack Paper Plates (6.875 Inch, 330-count)


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More About This Product:

Member’s Mark Ultra Dessert/Snack Paper Plates (6.875 Inch, 330-count)

From the Manufacturer:

Meet our strongest paper plate: Member’s Mark® Ultra Plate. These paper plates feature a cut and grease-resistant design with advanced soak protection that helps the plate stay sturdy while you pile it high with your favorite foods.

  • Advanced soak protection
  • Cut-resistant and grease-resistant
  • Disposable plates great for parties and everyday use
  • 330 paper plates per pack
  • 6 7/8″ size plates perfect for snack and dessert meals!
  • Microwavable and cut resistant

Feeding a crowd? These microwaveable plates are tough enough for backyard barbecues, family reunions, holiday gatherings, office parties, birthdays, road trips and summer picnics. Pick up a package or two of these high-quality paper plates and make serving a breeze. They’re made to hold up to all kinds of foods without bending or leaking. This 330-pack of disposable tableware helps provides a convenient and economical way to serve up tasty food to family and friends is sure to last you through these summer cookouts, parties, at work and beyond. You’ll find matching bowls and cups by Member’s Mark, too.

Can You Microwave Paper Plates?

Yes! You can safely microwave these disposable plates. These plates are designed to stay safe and strong in the microwave. Member’s Mark Ultra Plates boast ridges around the rim so that they stay stacked. Also, their quality construction means even sloppy barbecue or more liquid foods won’t soak through and make a mess. These paper plates are 70% heavier than economy plates from other brands.

At Sam’s Club, we put our members first. That means you! Bringing you high-quality products that reflect your values and needs, all at members-only prices — that’s what our Member’s Mark brand is all about.

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